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With more world-class content launching every week, there are always new topics to explore, new skills to learn, and new ways to achieve your goals. These latest courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificate programs cover everything from strategic leadership to learning habits. What will you learn next?


Graduate Certificate in Accounting Data Analytics by the University of Illinois

Develop the job-ready skills to solve accounting and business challenges under the leadership of the top accounting faculty in the United States*. This advanced certificate stacks directly into the full iMSA, iMBA, and iMSM from the University of Illinois.

*According to BYU Accounting Faculty Research Rankings. The accounting program at the University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business is consistently ranked among the top two in the United States by US News & World Report. 

Strategic Leadership: Impact, Change, and Decision-Making Specialization by Dartmouth

Through four courses from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, you will learn the common mistakes that even smart executives make, the neuroscience behind effective decision making, methods of managing and supporting the people around you, and how to bring together all these lessons to be the best possible leader, and person, at work and at home.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management by the University of Illinois

Build the skills to become an exceptional leader and manager in MBA-level courses taught by expert faculty—all from the top-ranked business school at the University of Illinois. This advanced certificate stacks directly into the full iMSA, iMBA, or iMSM, making it a building block for you to earn a degree and learn job-relevant skills.

Business Value and Project Management Specialization by the University of Illinois

Looking for the tools to start, grow, and sustain a successful business? In this Specialization, you will focus on financial accounting topics, organizational principles and frameworks, and project planning and execution. No prior business experience is needed to enroll.

Digital Fashion Innovation Specialization by The New School

In this Specialization taught by experts from New York City’s Parsons School of Design, you’ll explore digital ways to combat industry challenges and create a more ethical future—examining how technology can address counterfeiting, environmental impact, and more. Having at least two years of fashion experience is recommended for enrollment.

HubSpot Sales Representative Professional Certificate by HubSpot Academy 

Whether you’re looking to start your sales career or grow in your current role, you can reach your goals by learning from a worldwide academic leader in inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. No sales experience is needed to enroll in this program.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Specialization by Microsoft 

Are you a novice user who’d like to get up to speed on Microsoft 365? In this Specialization, you’ll learn to create, save, and present a basic presentation. You’ll also discover how to produce spreadsheets with formulas and functions. And you’ll develop job-ready skills to maintain professional reports, newsletters, résumés, and other communications.

Building Your Freelancing Career Specialization by CalArts

Become your own boss by learning to manage the clients, workload, and brand of your freelance business. Through this Specialization, you can understand how to define your freelancer identity, develop a business strategy, structure your finances, and launch your freelance career.


Post Graduate Certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning by the Indian Institute of Technology

Discover the fundamental concepts of data science and machine learning in this series of courses from one of the top technical institutes in India. Through hands-on coursework, you’ll learn to use industry-standard tools and techniques to create analytical models that turn real-life data into invaluable insights. No prior knowledge of coding in Python or R is required.

Business Data Management and Communication Specialization by the University of Illinois 

In a world driven by big data, do you want to understand how valuable information can be extracted from large volumes of data? With this Specialization, you’ll explore the interaction between business principles and data analytics while learning to find value in big data and effectively communicate the information you obtain.

Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics by Queen Mary University of London

In this world-class online degree program, taught by renowned faculty and a wide range of industry experts, you’ll master core mathematical principles of data analysis and develop the ability to communicate many different types of datasets to a variety of audiences. A working knowledge of Python is required to enroll.

Post Graduate Certificate in VLSI Design by the Indian Institute of Technology

Develop the in-demand skills to produce highly efficient and specialized semiconductor chips. After earning this certificate from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the top technical institutes in India, you’ll have the ability to design VLSI chips that can power new AI, IoT, VR, mobility, cloud, and analytics technologies.

IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate by IBM

With DevOps professionals in high demand, you can grow your knowledge of key concepts and gain the technical skills needed for an entry-level role in software engineering. Learning from IBM experts in this program, you’ll come to understand DevOps philosophies and methodologies like Agile Development, Scrum Methodology, Cloud Native Architecture, Behavior and Test-Driven Development, and Zero Downtime Deployments. 

IBM Mainframe Developer Professional Certificate by IBM

Are you ready for an entry-level role in mainframe programming? Analyze the real-world mainframe environment, review mainframe assets and data, and create and present a software development plan in this Professional Certificate program from IBM. You’ll build the confidence and the portfolio to begin a career as a mainframe programmer. No programming experience or college education is required.

Google Professional Workspace Administrator Professional Certificate by Google Cloud

Are you an administrator who needs the foundational knowledge to establish and facilitate a Google Workspace for your organization? With this Professional Certificate from Google Cloud, you’ll learn to configure services and manage users in ways that meet your organizational goals. No prior experience with Google Cloud is necessary for enrollment.

Master of Science in Cyber Security by the University of London

Earn your master’s degree from the University of London, with academic direction from Royal Holloway. Through courses led by world-class cyber security experts who have decades of industry and academic experience, you’ll explore major cryptographic mechanisms and learn how computer systems and networks are made secure.

Cybersecurity for Managers by Campus BBVA (Taught In Spanish)

Como gerente en el mundo de los negocios, usted tiene el potencial de ser blanco de ataques cibernéticos debido a su acceso a información confidencial, cuentas o transacciones financieras. Inscríbase en este curso para conocer los riesgos de la era digital y cómo las personas u organizaciones pueden evitar incidentes de seguridad (o minimizar sus consecuencias).

English translation: As a manager in the business world, you have the potential to be targeted by cyberattacks because of your access to confidential information, accounts, or financial transactions. Enroll In this course to learn about the risks of the digital age and how people or organizations can avoid security incidents and minimize their consequences.


Uncommon Sense Teaching: Part 2, Building Community and Habits of Learning by Deep Teaching Solutions

By enrolling in this unique course for educators, you’ll discover how to get the best from all your students in today’s diverse teaching environment, where students often have a wide range of abilities. You’ll learn how to use rewards to motivate your students, how to avoid educational fads, and how neurodiversity has hidden strengths.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career journey or looking to enhance your skillset to make a mid-career transition, you’ll find ample opportunities to gain new knowledge across these new offerings. Depending on your life and career goals, you can choose from a range of learning experiences to find the courses and programs that are right for you. 

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